My 30 odd years of experience at IIT Kanpur, Texas A&M University, and IIT Bombay has been packaged into eChEguru.


Prof. Arvind P. Kudchadker
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eChEguru offers you the entire chemical engineering component of the B Tech program in the form of self-learning, stand-alone modules. These modules have been designed to provide a balance among conceptual understanding, skill development, and engineering applications.

Knowledge upgradation of plant personnel - operators, supervisors, and others is essential for the industry to remain competitive in the global markets.

The enrolment in chemical engineering has substantially increased while proportional increase in the faculty is inadequate in number, quality, and motivation. We need to explore newer IT enabled learning to supplement classroom teaching.

Professionals find that formal education of 21 yr or so is inadequate for them to remain competitive. Continuous knowledge and skill upgradation through life-long education and learning is essential. 

eChEguru is designed as the ENABLER which provides you with all this and more. It leverages the internet through e-learning which is changing the way people around the world receive and impart knowledge, information, and training.

Currently we offer you 5 modules out of the 18 planned, covering chemical process principles, the foundation of chemical engineering. Shortly we would offer you the remaining modules.