eChEguru's Process Control Partner Company - PiControl Solutions offers a complete suite of industrial process control software products designed specially for the practical control room environment.  Summary of software products:

Pitops-PID:  Provides platform for process control simulations, controller design and tuning optimizations, all calculations match with all DCSs.  Offers modules for model-based controllers, multiple cascades, control overrides, feedforwards and numerous other features.

Pitops-TFI: Identifies multivariable closed-loop/open-loop process dynamics and transfer functions based on plant data or operator experience knowledge-base.

Simcet:  Complete process control tuning training software with an online real-time simulator for training, certifying and qualifying process control engineers, DCS technicians in the control room.  Generates an online training certificate based on user performance in a real-plant environment on the simulator.

Apromon: Advanced process control performance monitoring software.  Works with all DCSs with a powerful, easy-to-configure data interface.  Identifies badly performing control loops.  Helps control engineer to pinpoint troublesome loops.  Provides over 20 diagnostic criteria per tag.  Runs automatically daily several times and generates detailed and summary reports.  Displays an online "grade" trend for all tags indicating control performance of each control tag.

Tadpole:  The first ever genuinely reliable oscillation detection software.  Never gets "fooled" by complex noise, drift and disturbances that confuse other products.  Use Tadpole to monitor important reactor and other critical equipment controlled variables to detect early-warning signs of constant or growing oscillations.  Comes with a powerful, yet simple online data interface to connect with all DCSs to communicate online process data.

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