SupraQuizMaster 1.0

A Powerful QuizBuilder Tool For All Occasions

Now You Can Easily Create Customize Quizzes & Evaluate Instantly

Evaluation is a continuous process in life, whether at home, at school, at work, at any age - from kindergarten to graduate 
school and beyond. All of us normally do it qualitatively through our own processes or we let others do the evaluations 
for us. Often, and for proprietary reasons, we need to carry out evaluations in-house by ourselves.
Here is a simple, user-friendly quiz-builder tool which enables you to do just that. Create your own quizzes on any topic, 
as and when you need, using your own question bank, designed and developed for a variety of your requirements. 
You prepare the quiz and leave the rest to SupraQuizMaster.

An Excellent & Powerful Tool For
Recruitment Screening
(Career Planning & Development)
Evaluation of strengths & weaknesses
Career choices & advancement
Knowledge up-gradation
Personality development

Schools, Colleges, Universities
Students Admissions
Continuous evaluation
Employees Recruitment
Career planning & advancement
Knowledge up-gradation
Personality development

Coaching Classes
Students Admissions

Why SupraQuizMaster?

  • A complete, easy-to-use authoring tool for preparing Quizzes
  • Prepare as many Quizzes as you wish
  • Prepare a set of questions - create question bank
  • Select fixed number of questions or randomize questions 
  • Supports Multiple Choice & True/False type questions
  • Powerful Text editor for preparing questions
  • User database maintained
  • preferred by companies, schools, organizations
  • Search, query for user database
  • Grading, analysis of result, statistics & report printing facility
  • User database, Quiz Setter, Administrator modes password protected; 
  • no possibility of unauthorized access & tampering
  • User database can handle unlimited number of records
  • Use on standalone PCs, LAN, WAN

Hardware Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 98/95/NT
  • Windows compatible computer with a 120MHz Pentium processor or higher
  • Windows compatible mouse or other pointing device
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard disk with about 25MB free disk space
  • At least 16 MB random-access-memory (RAM), 32 MB or more is recommended.
  • Graphics adapter card (VGA, Super VGA, or other Windows compatible card) with 
    Screen Resolution: 800x600 & Font Size: Large Fonts

For Further Information, Contact:
Supra Learning Solutions