First 5 Modules are now available Absolutely

Before you download, please read the license agreement. Click here to read.

Please read instructions below:
1. SupraCBT Runtime Files are necessary to run the modules. Please download and install once. The SupraCBT modules can be downloaded and installed as required.

2. The SupraCBT modules needs to be authorized before use. This is a one time procedure. Please email the number shown to info at echeguru dot com and you will receive an authorization code within a period of maximum 2 working days. The modules are ready to use after entering this authorization code.

*Hardware Requirements for Module
120 MHz Pentium Processor or Higher
Microsoft Windows 95 or higher
Windows compatible Mouse or other pointing device
Hard disk with about 20 MB free disk space for each module
32 MB RAM or more
Super VGA card
*The Modules requires the following display settings on your PC
Screen Resolution: 800x600 pixels or Higher
Font Size: Small Fonts
Refer Windows Help if needed.

Click Links Below to Download
SupraCBT Runtime Files (Essential and one time installation) (6.55MB)
Module 1: Basic Information and Stoichiometry (9.77MB)
Module 2: Material Balances (9.07MB)
Module 3: Gases, Vapors and Liquids (11.1MB)
Module 4: Energy Balances (10.5MB)
Module 5: Material and Energy Balances (10.4MB)